Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark


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Name Title Email Tlf.
Don Canfield Prof. 6550-2751
Bo Thamdrup Prof. 6550-2477
Ronnie N. Glud Prof. 6550-2784
Peter Stief Assoc. Prof.
Alexander H. Treusch Assoc. Prof. 6550-2733
Will Bennett Ass. Prof. 6550-4799
Laura Bristow Ass. Prof. 6550-8411
Morten Larsen Ass. Prof. 6550-2796
Carolin Löscher Ass. Prof. 6550-8456
Amelia-Elena Rotaru Ass. Prof. 6550-8686
Karl Attard Postdoc 6550-8409
Lisa Eckford-Soper Postdoc 6550-7582
Warren Francis Postdoc 6550-8461
Emma Hammarlund Guest res. 6550-2739
Magnus Ivarsson postdoc 6550-9095
Beate Kraft Postdoc 6550-2714
Lars Kumala Postdoc 6550-9368
Daniel B. Mills Postdoc 6550-2795
Alina Mostovaya Postdoc 6550-7986
Lorenzo Rovelli Postdoc 6550-7979
Astrid Schuster Postdoc 6550-8251
Brian Strehlow
Postdoc 6550-8258
Belén Anaís Franco Ph.D. fellow 6550-3467
Paola Palacios Jaramillo Ph.D. fellow 6550-1831
Rie Pors Ph.D. student 6550-8204
Paul Rousteau Ph.D. fellow  
Clemens Schauberger Ph.D. fellow 6550-2724
Herdis Steinsdóttir Ph.D. fellow  
Rebecca Wicker Ph.D. fellow 6550-4609
Mon Oo Yee Ph.D. student 6550-9678
Mette Andersen Administrator 6550-2732
Anni Glud Technician 6550-9550
Louise Reinbach Hansen Lab.trainee 6550-8622
Lene Jakobsen Technician 6550-8167
Heidi Grøn Jensen Technician 6550-2731
Erik Laursen Technician 6550-8957
Dina Holmgård Skov Technician 6550-8403
Lasse Ørum-Smidt Technician 6550-9319