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Culture Collections

  • Methanogenic and several anaerobic bacterial cultures 

  • Diatoms

  • Algae 


Sediment & Water Column Sampling Technology

  • Gravity corers, box cores

  • Niskin bottles


In situ Technologies

  • Underwater eddy covariance

  • Microsensors 

  • Optodes


Greenhouse gas detection & Stable Isotope Analyses

  • GC-IRMS Thermo Delta V Plus mass spectrometer with ConFlo-II GasBench & Precon peripherals for analysis of N2, DIC & CH4.

  • Multi collector mass spectrometer precisION Elementar with Greenhouse Gas Module for analysis of N2 & N2O.

  • GC with ECD, TCD, and FID and peripherals for automatic sampling

  • Flow injection analyzer (FIA) for nitrous oxides NOx


Solute Detection Systems

  • IC with a conductivity detector

  • Coulometer for DIC measurements

  • Flow injection analyzer (FIA) for DIC and/or ammonia


Elemental Analyses

  • ​Cleanroom for trace elemental analyses​

  • Elemental analyzer EA-IRMS for S, C, and N

  • ICP-MS Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer for ultra-low concentrations of elements

Radioisotope Lab

  • Radioactivity scintillation counter Perkin Elmer TriCarb


  • Potentiostats 4 (total of 22 channels) 

  • H-cell-type reactors, including membranes and electrodes


Molecular microbiology

  • Microvolume spectrophotometer MySpec

  • Laminar flow hood

  • BioRad Micropulser Electroporator

  • qPCR machine

  • PCR machines (2)

  • Epifluorescence microscopes (3)


​Batch & continuous cultivation equipment

  • ​Chemostats 

  • Light incubators for phototrophs

  • Anaerobic chamber

  • Degassing stations (4)

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