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The influence of oxygen on life

The surface of the earth is bathed in oxygen, and many organisms typically live in an oxic world. However, areas of low (hypoxic) and no oxygen (anoxic) are also full of life that plays an important role in element cycling and ecosystem functioning. At Nordcee, we seek to understand the effects of oxygen on a range of organisms from microbes to animals from different environments, working with individual organisms and whole communities. We want to know how are organisms adapted to their local environments, and how do they respond to changes in oxygen concentrations. We also study how nutrients are cycled between oxic, hypoxic, anoxic environments and at the interfaces in between. These studies are also relevant to the evolution of life on earth.


  • Oxygen minimum zones

  • Oxygen control on N-cycle and CH4-cycle

  • Oxygen control on sedimentary and benthic community structure

  • Benthic primary production

  • Oxygen requirement in basal animals
  • Oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis

  • Anaerobes making oxygen

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Image rights: Don Canfield

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